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Hiring the best employee for a position, who also fit within the company culture, is both a science and an art.While many company owners can get help coaching struggling employees through mentoring and supervision, mentoring the right person in the right frame of mind pays far greater dividends than coaching the wrong person in the wrong frame of mind. Even in today's work environment, employees remain the most valuable and most costly company resource. Forwarding thinking business owners who embrace a more strategic and proactive hiring approach have a greater chance of getting it right the first time.

This Hiring system will provide you with highly motivated workers with a companies best interests in mind. Potential employees will be orientated, trained and evaluated in order to provide a company with the work needed done safely, productively and with the due diligence needed to protect the company interests. Courses are available for winter seismic and summer heliportable seismic. These courses will help the faller understand what is required of them and provide tips on safety, productivity and camp ethics. There will be a course provided for new forestry fallers who are interested in heli logging conventional and selective falling, with a focus on safe work procedures, Worksafe BC regulations and logging company policies.

The faller that registers in the pool will be ready to go to work.

Workers will have all tickets required for the job needed once the course is completed. P.P.E,(Personal Protective Equipment) will also be inspected.

This hiring list will be used for both Forestry and Oil and Gas sectors. If you are looking for faller or slashers for a current contract/project or if you are interested in being put on the hiring list for new projects.

.Looking for Work?

Hiring Pool: This service is for any serious fallers wanting to be orientated and prepared for the seismic industry. When the seismic program starts you will have all tickets required and a good understanding of what is expected of you in the field.

This services is for the fallers and contractors who are looking for fallers for the program Company they have a faller/ slashing contract with. If you are interested in the service contact us to be put on the list. To be put on the list you will need to be prepared to take course for your required tickets and orientations. 

To participate, please email

  • Fallers: MUST include their log-book and resume*
  • Chainsaw Operators: Must include their resume. 

* Resumes should be no longer than page. Cover pages are not necessary. 



All personal Protective Equipment, chainsaws and fuel are provided for these courses

Enform: Basic Level One Chainsaw Course

This course is a Canada wide ticket, that is three days, and cover hazard assessment, safe work procedures, PPE  requirements, maintenance of chainsaw and when to walk away from a hazard.

This is a three day course, one day in Class and the next two days practicing and learning how to identify hazards, loaded timber, 

This course must be completed to advance to the Level Two course which is the start of faller training.

 BC Forest Safety Council Basic Chainsaw Course
This Basic operators chainsaw course.  covers the basic operation of chains use, maintenance of saw and safe work procedures. The second day in the field allow participants to practice and demonstrate there skills. 

RIT: Chainsaw Operator Course (Two Day Course)
This is a two day course that covers chainsaw safety work procedures, maintenance, filing,WORKSAFE BC regulations.The participants will practice operating the chainsaw and they will watch demonstrations on chainsaw handling techniques on bucking to prevent getting stuck. . 

RIT: Seismic Faller Orientation Course
This course covers what a seismic faller's job entails. This includes: map lay-out , deciphering maps, mancheck procedures, line construction, basic seismic safe work procedures and equipment requirements. This course is great for the faller who has never worked in Seismic, and will teach job safety, productivity techniques and company procedures. way to do the job safety , productively and follow company policies. 

Workplace regulations require valid certification to work as a faller in BC as set by worksafeBC regulations. Employers and workers must ensure that an employees certification is up to date. before you work.The Forest Safe Council requires that fallers be re-evaluated once every three years. If you need to be re-certified contact your employer or prime contractor. or contact RIT consulting to book at time for re-evaluation. Re-certification can help a faller re-establish themselves with safe work procedures and clean-up any bad habits they may or may not have picked up from one work-site to another. 

Skills Assessments
Skills Assessments are for people with two years experience who would like to challenge the New faller training course. These assessment evaluate your knowledge and skill falling timber in a variety of industries, inlcluding : slope, terrain and hazardous scenarios. The skills assessment is a all-day evaluation, with three apent discussing your knowledge of falling and bucking timber, pre-work procedures, first aid, emergency response and safe-work Procedures. Once the skills assessment has been successfully completed the participant will demonstrate falling timber using safe work procedures in falling and bucking, site assessment, tree assessment and hazard identification. 

Forestry Faller Audits
RIT consulting provides fallers with field audits and mentoring. Faller audits help fallers that have developed bad habit over the years. These audits ensure that companies are doing their due diligence in helping employees improve their falling abilities. Post-audit, a report will be provided which the company can put with their safety documentation for future use. These audit can be tailored to the needs of your company. If a faller needs help meeting WorkSafe BC regulation procedures, mentoring can be provided. 


Exploration - Oil and Gas Sector

Q.S.T report, the outcome of the inspection of safety procedures on the line construction , will document that crews have been inspected and mentored. This will ensure that crews maintain a high level of competency and that the workplace is safe for workers that follow. Daily reports will measure work quality and safety procedures.

Seismic Audits
Crew audtis can be tailored to your companies needs. These audits ensure fallers demonstrate competency through all levels of the program.

Individuals who are new to the seismic industry can take the New Seismic Faller Orientation Course.

Pipeline Construction
Quality Service Trainers inspect and ensure that fallers and slashers are following safety work procedures, WorkSafe BC standards and company polices. Through competency evaluations, reporting and mentoring, QSTs ensure the worker is qualified to do the work required.

Hiring Services
This service is for serious fallers wanting to be orientated and prepared for the seismic industry. When the seismic program starts you will have your required ticket and a good understanding of what is expected of you in the field.


Labour Pool

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